Memorial at The Cutting Room

Please Join us this Saturday, June 11th at 2pm:

Mark & Liz Lacob’s Memorial Celebration of Their Lives.

Mark Lacob

My wonderful friend and musical buddy, Mark Lacob, passed away yesterday. I loved him like a brother. The music, laughs and just being around each other were great blessing in my life.
May your journey bring peace, love and happiness. G-d bless you brother.

Frank On New CD Called "Brickyard Saints"

Frank Carillo will be Singing and Playing Lead Guitar and his bandmates will be
Simon Kirke (Bad Company) on Drums, Piano and Background Vocals.
Danny Miranda (Queen, Blue Oyster Cult) on Bass and Background Vocals.
Eddie Seville (Steel Rodeo) Singing and Playing Guitar.
Paul Orofino – Concept, Production, Engineering, Vintage Wines, Belgian Ales

Brickyard Saints      All members will contribute songs to the new full-length cd.

For more information about the first EP called "cobblestone" click here.

Track Listing

1  Love's got a Hold
2  Doesn't Really Matter
3  (Moving From) One Room to Another
4  Ballerina
5  Down to Your Heart

Sometime during the summer of 2005, I realized I had some free time opening up in my Studio’s “A” room.

Not being one to sit idle, I had this idea to call a few musician friends, to see if they might be available during that open week, and if so, have them all come to my place, hang and make some music.
My thought was they would eat, sleep, drink and write songs together for 24 hours a day, and we’d record them immediately after each song is written.
So I called 4 guys that I had previously worked with...
Danny Miranda, Eddie Seville, Frank Carillo, and Simon Kirke.
Funny thing is, some of them had never met, and even if they didn’t know it, I knew that they all would be a perfect fit, not only personally but musically. And boy, was I correct.

Frank Carillo - Miles To Go


Frank Carillo and The Bandoleros
Miles To Go

 1  When You Wake In The Morning    
 2  Gonna Be Tomorrow    
 3  Behind Me Eyes    
 4  Closer To Heaven    
 5  Li'l Chip Is Missing    
 6  Lady Godiva    
 7  Everybody Is    
 8  Right Beside Me    
 9  Thinking Of You    
10  Miles To Go    
11  August Moon    
12  Long, Long Road

​Bass – Karl Allweier
​Drums, Backing Vocals – Eddie Seville
​Guitar – Andrew Carillo
​Percussion – Norman Deltufo
​Vocals, Guitar – Frank Carillo

Appearances 2022

Friday, July 1st, 6:30 PM
379 Main Street, Beacon NY
The Towne Crier

Appearances 2021

Sunday, November 28th, 4:00PM
LIVE Streaming for FREE or BE NOTIFIED


Friday, July 23rd
44 E. 32nd Street
New York City, NY
The Cutting Room

Appearances 2020
Hi Everyone,
Eddie and I decided to have another go at streaming some music. Save the date: Sunday, August 30 at 4PM EST
Thanks and stay safe (and sane!)
Produced / presented by The Apostolides Project in conjunction with Homestead Guitars and Zaccagnini Montepulciano.
Click here to view

Hi Everyone,
Eddie Seville and I will be streaming some live music on Sunday August 2 at 4 PM EST. Should be a fun afternoon. Hope you will all tune in.


Saturday, July 11th, 9PM
My Fathers Place


Sunday, March 15th
44 E. 32nd Street New York City, NY
The Cutting Room


Frank Carillo and Simon Kirke of Bad Company

I'm really excited about the gig coming up next week at the Towne Crier as I'm sharing the bill with Simon Kirke.  We're playing an acoustic show with Eddie Seville opening. Two of my favorite people!!

Simon and I have known each other for over 35 years. We got to know each other when my band, Carillo, opened for Bad Company for the entire Desolation Angels tour in 1979. He is one of the GREATEST drummers in music and a wonderful songwriter with a great voice. Plays pretty damned good guitar, too.

Through the years we would see each other occasionally, here in the States or in England, and when he came to the States to live we got to spend more time together writing songs. Not only is he a great musician but he is just a standup guy. No big ego,  and believe me, he has the cred! I mean, founding member of both Free and Bad Company, and more rock 'n' roll credits than you can imagine. 

A few years ago, my producer, Paul Orofino had an idea to put together a bunch of us to record. His idea was to have us get in a room, write a song and record right then and there. Simon, myself, Eddie Seville and Danny Miranda. it was one of the best experiences because there wasn't an ego in the room and we came out with 7 tunes that I'm really proud of. Simon played some kick-ass piano on one of the tracks, as well as his brilliant drumming. Eddie and I sang the leads and we all did backing vocals. Simon brought the snare drum that he used on all the "Free and Bad Company Records." Legendary!! 

Hope you all will join us at the Towne Crier in Beacon, NY

Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros

Frank Carillo and George Kooymans (Golden Earring) are releasing a new disc. The new CD, titled "On Location," will be released on the Universal label in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  George and Frank have been writing together on and off since the mid-'90s and, in between Frank's work with the Bandoleros and George's work with Golden Earring, they decided it was time for the CD to see the light of day!  Live shows in Europe will start in April for a few weeks and resume again in May.

The first single, "Blind Love,"; is the only song on the CD not written by George and Frank. "Blind Love" was written by Bandoleros drummer, Eddie Seville.  A video for "Blind Love" was shot in Rotterdam at the beginning of February as well as a video for another track, "Maybe Roses Never Die."

Frank Carillo and The Bandoleros are planning to record a number of acoustic tracks in March.  The new songs will be recorded using Millbrook Sound Studios' mobile rig.  The recording will take place at Om House and will include some surprise guests.  The Bandoleros new studio CD, "Rails To Kingdom Come," is scheduled for early summer release.  Stay tuned for updates.

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Frank Carillo - Miles To Go
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